AVCHD Cutter

AVCHD cutter which is specially designed to help you cut your favorite video is currently the most popular software. By using AVCHD cutter you can cut the unwanted video off, only enjoy your desired segment. Just free download this best AVCHD Cutter for enjoyment.


Step by step guides on how to cut AVCHD

Step1,arrow Free download AVCHD cutter, launch it to your PC.

avchd cutter

Step2, arrowClick "Add Files" button to choose the file you want to cut to AVCHD cutter, select and open it. Batch files are supported.

cut avchd

Step3, arrowUnder "Edit" option, cut avchd file choose "Trim".

Step4, arrowSet start time by clicking the shine button.Play the video, set the start time and end time by draging the two silders, or you can change the time number to make it. Then press "OK" button to set AVCHD cutter segment.

cut avchd video

Step6,arrow Click button to start cut AVCHD, the course will finish in a few minutes.

As you can see above, AVCHD file cutter is so useful for you, with it, cut AVCHD become so simple, just with a few steps. You can enjoy your amazing video at will.